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We devote ourselves in all aspects of cleaning services.

Why DS Cleaning Services is the leading professional cleaning agency in Singapore

DS Cleaning Services, which has been constantly receiving high ratings from our clients, devotes ourselves in all levels of cleaning services. Along with regular residential or commercial cleaning services, we also provide reliable customized services to each client.

We understand the cost of living in Singapore and the inflation that is constantly increasing. Thus, we are extremely flexible in terms of schedule at a reasonable price without a contract.

Not only are we succeeding in our current fields, but also DS Cleaning Services is expanding our business into education field and building our credibility more than ever.

With Reliable, Friendly and Trustful being our company values, we present ourselves with the most complete and up to date cleaning services. Our staff play an important role in our success, for their optimum performance in their job and the perfect interaction with our customers.

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